prAna – Our New Fit

Client: Brand Work / Role: Director, Producer

We worked with prAna to produce this video on their new line of active pants for 2018.  This piece focuses on the inspiration behind their new line and the hands-on approach the prAna team takes to develop and perfect the industry-leading products they create.

Ananda Hemp

Client: Brand Work / Role: Director, Producer

Hemp based CBD products are on the rise and no one is doing it better than Ananda Hemp. We were hired to develop Ananda Hemp’s brand identity which included everything from logos, color theory, packaging, collateral material, and a brand vision piece you see here. In this crowded marketplace, Ananda’s look and feel stand out from the rest and we’re proud to be a part of this new movement in health and wellness.

Hemp Black

Client: Brand Work / Role: Producer

Hemp Black is developing the world’s most advanced textile technology by carbonizing the hurd fiber of the Hemp plant. M.Samuels Media was hired to develop the brand identity and produce a short video that lays out the high-level vision for this incredible new technology. Enjoy

Coachella “We’re Waiting”

Client: The Archives / Role: Cinematographer

Mark Samuels was recently hired by Media Stranger and Goldenvoice to help shoot the 2015 Coachella Music and Arts Festival.  It was a great weekend and we’re looking forward to the entire after movie that will drop later this year, in the meantime, enjoy this teaser from weekend one of the festival!

Element 19: A Breakthrough Discovery in Sustainable Chemistry

Client: Documentary Work / Role: Director, Editor, Producer

Element 19 (which is the number for potassium on the periodic table) shines a light on the remarkable Caltech discovery of a renewable potassium-based catalyst. The catalyst can be used for the manufacture of essential chemical products and is both sustainable and affordable. Featuring PhD student and Dow-Resnick Fellow, Anton Toutov, Professors Robert H. Grubbs and Brian M. Stoltz, postdoctoral scholar Wen-Bo “Boger” Liu, and undergrad Kerry Betz, the film aims to broadly explain the implications of the team’s groundbreaking work in sustainable chemistry in an accessible way.

Produced by Caltech, M.Samuels Media and Oshin Studio and Directed by Mark Samuels, this short film is the first of many to technology based films to come from M.Samuels Media.

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