Element 19: A Breakthrough Discovery in Sustainable Chemistry

Client: Documentary Work / Role: Director, Editor, Producer

Element 19 (which is the number for potassium on the periodic table) shines a light on the remarkable Caltech discovery of a renewable potassium-based catalyst. The catalyst can be used for the manufacture of essential chemical products and is both sustainable and affordable. Featuring PhD student and Dow-Resnick Fellow, Anton Toutov, Professors Robert H. Grubbs and Brian M. Stoltz, postdoctoral scholar Wen-Bo “Boger” Liu, and undergrad Kerry Betz, the film aims to broadly explain the implications of the team’s groundbreaking work in sustainable chemistry in an accessible way.

Produced by Caltech, M.Samuels Media and Oshin Studio and Directed by Mark Samuels, this short film is the first of many to technology based films to come from M.Samuels Media.