The Last Orangutans

Client: Documentary Work / Role: Cinematography, Color, Director, DP, Editor

A small group travels to Indonesia and discovers the fate of the orangutans hanging in the balance amid signs of hope and despair on the horizon.

In December of 2011 a small group traveled to the Indonesian island of Sumatra, to experience firsthand, the plight of the near extinct orangutans in one of their last strongholds.  Amazingly, the group found that a majority of Indonesians are uneducated about the severity of the problems and others, including government officials, lack any true resolve to confront the issues facing the orangutans and the forest itself.  The documentary compels the viewer to examine the causes of the rainforest destruction occurring in Indonesia and the effects an average citizen has on the destruction and the impending extinction facing the orangutans.  Through interviews with government officials, villagers, and NGOs as well as breathtaking footage from Leuser National Park and the animals themselves, the film offers a compelling look into the problems and solutions that will decide the fate of the last orangutans.


Winner of “Environmental Short” from the 2012 Miami Short Film Festival



V.CoLogical Presents A Volcomunity Film

In Association with the Sumatran Orangutan Society


Produced by: Bonnie Boyes

Directed, Shot, Edited, and Colored by: Mark Samuels

Animation by: Parker Howell


Behind the scenes of ‘The Last Orangutans’ filming Part I

Behind the scenes of ‘The Last Orangutans’ filming Part II


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